OSHA Medical Surveillance Examination

OSHA HAZMAT & Respirator

The mission of OSHA Medical Screening and Surveillance Program is to assist in monitoring and detecting potential health effects from hazardous workplace chemical or physical exposures.

Focus Occupational Services, LLC provides superior medical care to clients in compliance with OSHA Medical Surveillance standards.

Respirator and Hazmat Exams are performed following OSHA Standards 1910.134 for Respiratory Protection and 1910.120 for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.

Asbestos for General Industry

Hazmat Medical Surveillance

Lead/zzp Medical Surveillance

Respitory Protection Medical Surveillance

Pesticide Exposure Surveillance

Silica Exposure Medical Surveillance

Carcinogens (suspect) Medical Surveillance

Coke Oven Emissions Medical Surveillance

**Other specific OSHA heavy metal/chemical exposure medical surveillance testing available upon request.

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