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Focus Occupational Medicine is the premier occupational medicine provider of choice for a quality, low-cost, integrated healthcare delivery system for employers, employees, insurance companies and the general community through a multi-disciplinary, collaborative methodology specifically formulated for work-related and community-based services.

Quality of Care

High standards and quality in the care and services we offer. We are made up of a team of experts in the occupational medicine field

Nationwide Scheduling

Not only are we the subject matter experts, but our Occupational Medicine services can be performed onsite at our location, in one of our partner clinics anywhere across the United States and Canada


We can perform services at our location, one of our partner locations, or your location. Patient portal and easy online scheduling

We’re focused on You

Physical Exams

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Onsite Staffing & Training

Occupational Testing

Employee Health & Wellness

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Vaccines & Immunizations

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Focused on convenience

Why set up contracts with multiple clinics, remember numerous scheduling numbers, receive and process multiple invoices from multiple vendors, or spend countless hours tracking down missing paperwork, when we can do it all for you. For any services that are scheduled through Focus Occupational Medicine, and performed outside of our facility, the medical records will be available in our portal, and services will be invoiced by us. That means only one vendor set up and fewer invoices.    Who doesn’t love less paperwork!

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Fax: 716.710.8082

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