Injury and Illness Medical Treatment

Work-Related Injury and Illness

Our medical providers specialize in the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses following the NYS Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines. As fellow employers, we understand OSHA Recordability requirements and know the costs of loss time incidents. Our philosophy is to enable rather than disable, by working with our client companies to provide work restrictions/limitations, which allows our patients to continue working safely while they are recovering. We have built a network of similar-minded medical practitioners for referral when a higher level of care is necessary, and provide follow up monitoring for employees until a return to full-duty status is established.

Sprains, Strains, and Inflammatory Conditions

Slips, Trips, Stumbles and Falls

Lacerations, Punctures and avulsions

Musculoskeletal and Neuropathic pain

Abrasions, Bruises/Contusions and Fractures

BloodBorne Pathogen Exposure/Treatment

Rashes, Leshions, Burns and Foreign Bodies

Animal and Insect Bites

Chemical Exposures

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