Covid-19 Testing

Covid-19 Testing

It is very important to know which test is the right test at the right time.

Post Vaccination: it is important to see if your immune system has responded properly to the vaccine. We recommend IgG Antibody testing 2 to 4 weeks after being vaccinated for COVID to see if your body has properly responded to the vaccine.


Post Positive: Two weeks after testing positive and/or symptom-free, we recommend getting an IgM/IgG Antibody test. This dual test will show if your body has mounted the proper short-term immune response or has developed long-term adaptive immunity.

– If you are 6 to 21 days from exposure, the IgM Antibody test should be positive.

– If you are 11 days to 6 months from exposure, the IgG Anitbody test should be positive.


Exposure: If you were exposed to someone with symptoms, or who has tested positive, you will need a Live Virus Test which is dependent on the suspected date of exposure.

– 2 to 25 days from exposure, we recommend a PCR Test.

– 5 to 13 days from exposure, we recommend an Antigen Test.


Travel and Return to Work/School: We offer PCR and NAAT Molecular testing for those who require it.


COVID anitbody testing w/ Quantitive results

Covid rapid antibody testing w/ Quantitive results

Covid rapid antigen testing (10 minute results)

Covid rapid RT-PCR (NAAT) (30 minute results)

Covid PCR (NAAT) Testing (48-72 hours)

Viral Respiratory test: Flu A&B, RSV, COVID (48-72 hours)

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